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  • The Bed&Breakfast provides at least for the stay of two consecutive nights.
  • Animals are not admitted, even if of small height..
  • It is forbidden to smoke in every place inside the B&B.
  • The rooms must be left free within and not over the 10:00 in the morning.
  • The rooms will not be available vice versa before 12:30 and the check-in will be admitted until 7.30 p.m..
  • When you book you must provide the data relating to the credit card of the guests. In absence of credit card the payment must be effected in advance cash for the whole period of the stay.
  • The Management cannot be responsible in any case of thefts and damages of any extent that can happen inside the Bed&Breakfast.
  • The common areas can be submitted to systems of VIDEOCONTROL.
  • The guests are required to have care of the places and the objects and to verify that the external entries are locked every time they use them.
  • It’s required to the guests to help us to protect the environment, taking care to turn off the lights, when necessary even into the communal areas, and do not leave Air conditioning, fans and TV on , if you are not present in the Room. Nevertheless, they have to ensure that the windows are closed every time they leave the room.
  • Inside the B&B it is not permitted the access to people that are not previously recognized and accepted by the Direction. Who had to introduce people not authorized will be liable of report from the Direction.
  • The entry to the B&B will be possible until 00:30. For following entries it will be necessary to arrange the time in time.
  • Annulments of the bookings will behave the loss of the
    • 0% up to fifteen days before the beginning of the stay
    • 20% up to ten days before the beginning of the stay
    • 50% up to six days before the beginning of the stay
    • 100% up to two days before the beginning of the stay


    • such amounts in the circumstance will automatically be withdrawn from the credit card or from the anticipated cash quota, as undersigned and authorized to the action of the booking by the client himself.


  • In the event of damage or theft, the Staff will considers the room's occupants directly responsible and will charge the fee amounts on their credit cards at current value.