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A multiethnic family, a jump between southern and northern hemisphere: names, colours and places that in the recent history have begun to mix each others.

The awareness that history under various forms is prediction of events that will be developed in the future by the emergency and not, as in the past or in the present, from the strength as individualistic deviation.

A thought towards the future, of people that tell about very distant places among them, but very near in the desire of rebirth, in the emergency (agreement as the sense of necessity) and in the story of the traditions and the dominations.

The books and the art have been for a long time support to the change and in the meantime they produce the signals that it is necessary to individualize the emergency.

It is here the choice that we have done: beeing accompanied in this new activity of management of a Bed & Breakfast also from the desire to propose or, for better saying, to give a moment of reading again a territory that our guests intend to visit for whatever reason.

On one side the offer of the bookcrossing; perhaps a very distant reality still from the vision that everyone of us has about reading, but that assumes a particular meaning in an place, mother of culture, where the commercial and cultural proposals work to express it.

From the other side, the proposal of one of our favourite writers, that in his artistic-geometric madness, engraves at least four representations of landscapes of the province of Reggio Calabria among 1930 and 1931. Some of these landscapes are still unknown,even if they are appreciable. The journey that unites the places represented by Escher is for us an ideal path called "the walks of Escher" and it can represent a first itinerary that our guests could undertake for knowing some of the beautiful realities of our country.

Every room that will entertain you has been drawn in order to remember our invitation and to furnish you in the meantime every kind of comfort. A personal library and a reproduction of one of Escher's landscapes will be always present in every room and the suggestion to exchange one pleasant reading of yours with one we suggest will become the method to maintain a lasting relationship.